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Processing synthetics

We have already been a specialist in the processing of perspex, acrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC) and many other synthetic materials for many years. This applies for plate, rod, profiled or tubular material.

Applications of this include:

  • Seamless adhesion
  • Milling synthetics
  • Folding synthetics
  • Sawing
  • Sanding
  • Brushing
  • Polishing
  • ...

We dispose of the necessary know-how and will guide you in coming up with the answer to your particular requirements.


Acrylate (perspex), creativity and craftsmanship constitute the ingredients of a personalised and exclusive business gift, incentive or award.

Do you have your own idea? We will join you in putting your company in the spotlight in an original and stylish manner.

Do you not yet have a real idea? We will look at the options with you, taking account of the product to be moulded and your budget.

We can always quickly respond to your requirements because everything is made in our own workshop.

You can also call upon us for the production of just one item. In so doing we can make a totally exclusive and unique piece for you.

Should you wish, you can also supply the objects to be moulded yourself. A product from your company can then be highlighted in a special way. It is very rare for an object not to able to be moulded because it cannot withstand the moulding process. If we you tell that cocoa beans, sand, and even crabs have withstood the test you will understand how many possibilities there are.

Besides objects we can also print your logo and/or text as desired in full-colour on special paper, chalk paper or transparent film then mould it in acrylic glass.

The most common shapes are rectangles (bars) or squares (cubes), but pyramids, bevelled cylinders, round disks, etc. are also possible. Do you have a specific shape in mind? No problem: we love a challenge!

This website only shows a glimpse of what we offer.

Come along for an appointment free of any obligation at the showroom and discover the wondrous world of perspex embedding or contact us by telephone (+32 (0)56 22 99 31) or mail (info@kariz.be).